UPS Rental
Whether its critical power requirement or immediate UPS maintenance, a short-term power solution is required by many companies, whether small or bid for uninterrupted workflow. Offcom Systems Pvt. Ltd. can meet this uninterrupted power solution through UPS rental service. Our company can meet the demand of clients from both commercial and industrial sectors. This is done by maintaining a stock of standard UPS across all power ranges suitable for various loads. Based on the situation of every client, the rental period is decided which can last from a week up to several months. Our professionals will not only deliver the UPS to client's site, but also will commission them. We also give our clients an option to pay daily or fixed charges for a time period.

  • Capacity : 60 to 400 KVA
  • Usage/Application : Commercial and Industrial
  • Power Back Up : 12 hours

Just call us for our UPS rental services and tell company's representative about your power requirements. Our representative will send you a proposal right away.