Power Division

We would be one of the largest players in this industry in the country today. We have an association with M/s Emerson Network Power now Vertiv  who  are the numero uno leaders in this industry in India as well as globally. They manufacture & market Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems; Climate and Environmental systems (PAC); DC power systems; Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and power distribution units - all supported by world-class professional services, catering to major industries such as Telecom, Infotech and Process Control among others.

We also have a formal association with Amara Raja Batteries (Amaron) who is the leading company in UPS batteries in India.

We have a long and hard earned experience of UPS installations and support; a capacity of more than  30,000 Kilo Watts of Systems installed with more than two thousand customers of ours. We offer services through a team of about 50 power engineers who have been thoroughly trained to ensure maximum uptime of the solutions that we support.

We offer power conditioning solutions to support IT , telecom and Industrial loads.

OSPL offers its services in the following areas:

1) Uninterruptible Power Systems: Sale/Rental
2) Battery Banks.
3) DC Power Supplies
4) Precision Air-conditioning Systems for Data Centers and Server Rooms
5) Power and Energy  Audit Solutions.
6) Maintenance of UPS systems and battery Banks.
7) Solutions for controlling Harmonics and Power Factor.
8) Design and deployment of data Centre Solutions
9) Comprehensive maintenance of Electric Supply and Back up Systems.
10) Electric Infrastructure and support.
11) Automatic and Static Transfer Switches for redundancy.
12) Transient Voltage surge Suppressors.

We also have our own range of Electric Peripheral Products which are designed and manufactured to help us support our highly demanding customers and critical sites.

1) Isolation Transformers.
2) UPS monitoring devices
3) Servo Stabilizers.
4) Phase Sequence Correctors.
5) Electric Panels.
6) Surge Protection Devices
7) Battery chargers and DC supplies.
8) Automatic and Manual By pass Systems
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Energy Audit and Conservation

Last vitality utilization can be dissected by considering the vitality request in every division like industry, transportation, private and agribusiness Vitality utilization will add up to about 70%, due to failures fundamentally in electric influence creation plants and in appropriation and different changes inside vitality enterprises. Vitality sparing is a social duty of each person that can be possible through our Energy Audit and Conservation.

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Energy Saving Solutions

YESS work with several of Australias largest Energy Providers in the delivery of environmental services to both the residential and commercial sector. We offer a range of services including home energy assessments and the supply and installation of a variety of energy efficient products, designed to reduce your energy bills. YESS work with a few of Australia's biggest Vitality Suppliers in the conveyance of natural administrations to both the private and business segment. We offer a scope of administrations including home vitality appraisals and the supply and establishment of an assortment of vitality proficient items, intended to lessen your vitality bills.

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Power Harmonics and Power Factor Studies

This Power Harmonics and Power Factor Studies plots control frameworks investigation performed by us for medium and low voltage control frameworks. These examinations are directed to assess the potential effect, on the power dissemination frameworks while applying shunt capacitor banks as well as symphonious channels. Our framework assessment concentrates on the plan, determinations and framework effect of new and existing capacitor banks or consonant channels.

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Power/Energy Audits and Thermographic Studies

Power/Energy Audits and Thermographic Studies measures surface temperatures by utilizing still cameras and infrared video. These devices see light, which is in the thermal range. Pictures on the film or video record the temperature varieties of the building's membrane, running from white for thermal locales to dark for cooler regions.

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Maintenance and AMCs of UPS Systems

We present an entire scope of Maintenance and AMCs of UPS Systems to deal with every one of your needs. Consistently we supplant a few thousand batteries. Our industrial facility prepared battery masters are specialists in all parts of battery administration and substitution. Substitution and establishment services cover both valve-directed lead-corrosive (VRLA), otherwise called fixed support free (SMF) batteries as well as wet-cell (likewise called flooded) batteries.

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Electric Safety Inspections

Your power keeps running in the background, inside the dividers of your home, permitting you an incredible assortment of present day familiar luxuries. However as per NFPA, electrical issues are the biggest reason for property harm in home structure fires. Also, the association recognizes little machines connected to deficient or disgraceful home wring as the main source of inadvertent electric shocks. All these can be checked by our Electric Safety Inspections.